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At Titan Marketing Solutions, we believe all transactions are human to human or H to H and not B to C or B to B. That is because all transactions are based on normal human-to-human relationships. The reality is people buy from people and not companies. Our marketing systems break this down into eight steps.



It all starts with making your ideal client aware of who you and how you can solve their problems


This is the get to know you phase of the customer journey where you deliver value in advance.


The relationship changes  as your prospective new client now trusts you enough to provide contact information


Your initial offer that requires an investment of money and/or time from your prospect


This is where your ideal client develops belief in you, your product, your solutions, and your company.


You now have a client that is ready, willing and able to buy everything you offer and so much more.


Time for your clients to increase your reputation score and leave you a review.


The final step of the customer journey when you start receiving referrals from your customers that love you.

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