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Growing your business is a matter if developing and implementing a simple, easy to use, repeatable system that scales with you.

market Research

Who is your ideal client? What keeps them up at night? Where do they hang out; online and offline? What do they stand for? Is there a message that will resonate with them? Make them take action? Then what is the best vehicle to deliver that message to your market?

Go way beyond focus groups and get down to the nitty-gritty of who are your best customers and why and then how to reach them.

Product marketing

Successful marketing is dependent on a three legged stool  of present the right offer to the right person at the right time. Miss any one of those three components and your marketing campaign will collapse on you.

Marketing Plan

Don’t mistake tactics for strategy. 

A tactic is a one-time activity you hope will bring in sales. A strategy is a collection of tactics that work synergistically together that becomes a part of your overall marketing plan

What We Do…

Titan Marketing Solutions was founded by Paul Douglas and Lisa Bachynsky with one goal in mind. To create a full-service marketing agency that delivers measurable, long-term results, so that their clients enjoy an ever increasing ROI on their marketing investment. Or as Paul would say, “We help business owners and entrepreneurs make more money.”

This is done by incorporating residual marketing. Residual marketing is a strategy you deploy once and it keeps generating traffic and sales for life.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Titan Marketing Solutions has bucked the trend of outsourcing to foreign countries. All of our graphic designers, web designers, photographers, and videographers are our neighbours right here in Winnipeg. “We really could not see any benefit to hiring foreign talent when we have so many talented people here in Winnipeg,” says Lisa. “Besides, by the time we correct grammatical errors, typos, and other issues arising when English is not a contractor’s first language and the inevitable delays that come from working with someone half a world away, any savings realised would be eroded.”

By combining offline marketing with online and residual marketing strategies, Titan Marketing Solutions will give their clients an unfair advantage in their marketplace so that they become the dominant player found everywhere.

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