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About Titan Marketing Solutions

What started as a WordPress website development agency that focused on SEO and video marketing has grown to offering over 213 digital marketing solutions for our client’s needs

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Our Story

Although our official start was May 28th, 2012, Titan Marketing Solutions was born fifteen years earlier, when as the owner of a struggling carpet cleaning company, I discovered direct response marketing. Learning these foundational marketing skills turned my business around in less than twelve months.

After closing my carpet cleaning business due to health reasons, I spent the next six years being a student of the digital marketing game. I invested over $50 000 in that time, buying courses, ebooks, memberships, software scripts, and guides trying to crack the code to making money on the internet.

That epiphany came when a former competitor of mine came to me to build his website, when I came to the realization that I earned more money building his website, than I had in the previous six years, trying to sell commercial printing, ebooks, and MLM opportunities online.

I got better and better at what I did, having an uncanny knack for getting websites I built to rank on Google and other search engines. My beer money hobby had progressed to scotch money as I was able to charge more.

In 2011 I accepted the position of marketing director for a local coatings franchise. For a year it became my mad scientist digital marketing lab, as I applied all the tools and education I had invested in since 1997 to this job. The website was redeveloped, a video marketing campaign was introduced, Email and SMS marketing was brought in, as was Social Media marketing in order to connect and engage with this company’s customers and target market. For the year I was there, it was a fun and wild ride.

That ride ended on the morning of May 2nd, 2012. We lived on my last two paychecks for the month of May while we laid the foundational work of starting our company. The last week of May 2012, I picked up the phone, made some cold calls and picked up two clients and a referral. Since that week, we went from a WordPress website builder using Video and Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to those sites to a full-stack digital marketing agency. We now leverage relationships developed since 2012 to deliver a wide range of services and solutions to our clients. These brand partnerships (Google, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Movylo, Voice Page, and others) and joint venture partners allow us to deliver a far superior level of service, greater results, and faster delivery on projects, than we were able to do as a husband and wife team marketing agency.

2020 brought about a sudden and rapid change in the world of business. Ecommerce adoption and acceptance by the general public doubled in the first 90 days of the pandemic. For me, I was excited about this new normal. After twenty-three years of being a serious student of marketing, developing knowledge, skills, and expertise in many areas of my industry and investing well over $100 000 in courses, tools, conferences, and applying these lessons in my own business, I was now in the position to helps hundreds of my friends and neighbors not only survive the pandemic but grow and thrive.

Now it is your turn. Don’t be a Covid casualty. Engage Titan Marketing Solutions today.

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Our Values

We believe in delivering value in advance, to make our clients’ businesses move faster. We believe in adaptability, scalability, and growth. We believe that life is too short to deal with toxic and abusive people. We believe that by hiring the best people and giving them the freedom to excel at what they do, our clients reap the rewards of excellence


Marketing is not a guessing game. It is a science where tests are ruthlessly measured against their results and decisions are made on facts and not conjecture.


Digital marketing is ever-changing and ever-evolving. What worked in 2012 will not work in 2022 and beyond. Our skills are constantly being upgraded and improved. Education makes up 20% of our work week.


I have been accused of having a pitbull-like tenacity when it comes to marketing. That is because small consistent actions performed over time will yield massive results and each action compounds on itself. It is a case of keep testing and testing until you find something that works and then scale it.

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