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The first step of any customer journey is making them aware that you, your company and your offer exists. Awareness campaigns have evolved over the years. Whether you choose the newspaper, yellow pages, radio, tv, skywriting, billboards, online banner ads or pay per click ad campaigns, the purpose of awareness campaigns has remained unchanged. THat is to make your ideal customer aware of both you and your offers.

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In the eight-step Customer Value Journey, the very first step is awareness. Just as in dating, you can not engage someone who does know you exist. For a lot of businesses, their very best customers do not yet know they exist.

Think about this for a moment. For a large part of your life, you and your spouse did not know one another existed until one of you became aware of the other. That is how it is currently with a lot of your best clients. They currently do not know you exist.

The Awareness stage of the Customer Value Journey is designed strategically to place your message in front of your ideal client. This is the very first step. Its sole purpose is to interrupt your ideal client and enter the conversation they are having in their head.

How Do You Create Awareness


FAcebook LEad Gen Ads

With 1.2 Billion users, your customers are hanging out on Facebook.


Search Engine Optimization SEO

When your customers search for the solutions you provide, do they find you.?We can get you found.


Social Media

Regular daily posts get like, shared and followed. Social influencers with a large following will often promote your company to their audience.


Paid Search

Paying Google to put your offer on the top of the search result page can pay huge dividends in driving both traffic and sales


Video Marketing

Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine and the go-to resource to learn how to do something.


Offline MEdia

Yes there is still a place in the world to use traditional media such as radio, tv, newspapers, flyers, direct mail and even yellow pages.

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions I receive regarding awareness marketing campaigns.

I tried Facebook Ads Before, they don't work? What do you do differently

The biggest challenge I have found with Facebook advertising is targeting. Many people send a general message to a very broad audience. Narrow down your audience with a specific message targeted to that audience.

I was told my ad needs to be seen 20 times to be effective. Is that true?

This is a fallacy spread by advertising salespeople to keep extracting money from you, month after month. If your ad doesn’t break even or do better the first time you run, it won’t magically work the twentieth time.

Can I afford to advertise on Facebook or Google?

It is very easy to run up large credit card bills with little to show for it, if you run ads on the platform irresponsibly. You can start for as little as five dollars a day and scale. The trick is to be always testing and improving before you spend a bunch of money on ads.

I got a call from a rep offering me a great deal on their advertising. Should I buy it?

That depends, but truthfully, no you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Most people will buy ad space because the salesperson gave you an irresistible offer. They are happy, their kids can eat. They will then create a standardized templated ad for you, that has a weak offer. It goes out and it doesn’t work. Why because you did it all backwards.

The first thing you need to do is get crystal clear on who your ideal customer is.¬† Then you need to craft an offer that resonates with them and compels them to take action. Then, and only then do you decide the best vehicle to deliver that message to them. If the advertising sales person’s media is one that will reach your audience, then run your ad, not theirs.

How Do I get started?

The first step is for us to sit down over a cup of coffee and get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit or not. During this time, I will show you what you can do to double your sales in the next twelve months.

After this initial meeting, if we choose to move forward, we set up a time to create your Customer Value Marketing Plan. Once this is done you will a ready to implement Digital Marketing Blueprint.

The final step is taking this blueprint and handing it off to your team to implement it. Of if you wish, you can retain our implementation services for you.

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