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It is a matter o putting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time.

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The Science Behind Relationship Marketing

In 1980, Zoologist, Desmond Morris published his book “Intimate Behaviour” as a result of his study of how humans go from complete strangers to pair-bonded couples. He observed that all couples went through the exact same 12 steps. Each step was a natural progression of human relationships. What Desmond Morris also observed was that when a person skipped a step, the chances of success were greatly reduced, When two or more steps were skipped, it could be considered assault. Here are the 12 steps of human intimacy…

  1. Eye to body. One of you becomes aware of the other.
  2. Eye to eye. Your eyes meet. Awareness is mutual
  3. Voice to voice. Your initial conversation. (Engagement)
  4. Hand to hand. Holding hands shows trust
  5. Hand to shoulder. Starting to know like and trust
  6. Hand to waist. Rapport well established
  7. Face to face. The first kiss
  8. Hand to head. A even deeper level of trust
  9. Hand to body. A caress
  10. Mouth to body.
  11. Touching below the waist.
  12. Intercourse.


Now Let’s look at the Customer Value Journey Again

The customer value journey, on the previous page, is all about building normal human to human relationships with your clients.. They are…

It all starts with a lack of awareness. They don’t know who you are. They may not even know they have a problem that only you can solve. And they certainly don’t have a clue that you can solve that problem for them. So the first step is…

  1. Awareness – most businesses get this. That is why we advertise. The next step is to…
  2. Engage – Start building the relationship. The initial conversation. Make a good impression so they…
  3. Subscribe – In dating, when you hit it off with someone you ask for their number. In marketing, you ask for their email. In either case, your goal here is to get them to…
  4. Convert – The first sale, an entry-level product, an investment in either time, money, or both where the relationship between you and your customer changes. But don’t stop here. You got them in, now you got to keep them and have them return. To do that you must enter the…
  5. Excitement stage – After a good date you would call and try to get a second date. In fact I would go so far as to say the whole purpose of a first date is to get a second date. The whole purpose of the first sale in business is to secure the second. This is where you follow up, and continue to enngage, so your new customer will…
  6. Ascend – Ont the image to the right you will see a ladder which indicates the ascension of your customer from a one time customer to a loyal multiple buyer customer. This is where you offer upsells, cross sells, bumps and even profit multipliers along with additional products congruent with theirinitial purchase. It is a lot easier to keep a client buying than it is to get a new customer. So continue dating your customers, after they have bought. That way they would be an…
  7. Advocate – In this digital age, online reviews are critical to your success, yet most businesses pay little attention to this until they get a bad review. By then it is too late. One of the benefits of ascending a client to be an advocate is that is is a short transition to becoming a…
  8. Promoter – The holy grail for all businesses is to do what you do so well that your customers can’t help but brag about their experience.¬†

When you engage Titan Marketing Solutions, you will not have a bunch of untested theories or strategies thrown against a wall in the hopes that something may stick. Tactics are hit and miss, while systems are predictable and scalable. That is why you need a solid plan that revolves around normal human relationships.

Can you really Double Your Business?

People ask me all the time, “Can You Really Double Our Business?” They find it hard to fathom exponential growth simply because that doubling their efforts is difficult. And if you succeed in working twice as hard than you are now, you will end up a wealthy corpse. So I want you to remember this formula.


 Here how it works. Leads times Customers times Frequency of Purchase times Margin equals Growth Potential. Now if you double your leads and everything else remains the same, you will double your growth potential. Here is where it gets exciting. If you double your leads and as a result double your customers, your growth potential is four times. If you double your leads, customers and the frequency in which your customer

Now realistically, you won’t double everything like that. But can you increase those factors by 20%? If you can, guess what? You will double your business.


Putting The Pieces Of The Marketing Puzzle Together

Once your plan is in place, we can help you implement it. Titan Marketing Solutions is a full-stack marketing agency that can build you a website, drive traffic to that website, enhance your reputation and make you a star with video marketing and so much more. Get started or book a discovery meeting to learn more about how we can make your business move faster

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