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Would you like to make a great first impression, get past the gatekeeper, and meet the key decision maker? Use this technique.
Step one: Pull out your smart phone and shoot a quick introductory video specific to the individual you want to meet. Tell them why you are sending them this video. Make the reason why you created the video the solution to the problem that keeps them up at night that your product/service solves. Upload the video to Youtube and make it available to those who have the URL.
Step Two: Go to Amazon and buy your book at full retail (don’t have a book yet? Call me at 204-588-0862 and we can help you with that). If you don’t have your own book, select one that would be of great value to your prospect.
At checkout, ship to your prospect and have it gift wrapped.
Step Three: Utilize the option to include a gift card with it as well. On the gift card, write “I have been thinking about how we can help you with (the problem keeping them up at night). In fact, if you go to page (fill in the blank) of my book, it talks about. I also shot a quick video for you on how (your product or service) can help you with that. Here is the link (Insert youtube url or a shortened URL)
You can call me directly at (insert your phone number) or you can send me an email to my personal email at (your email address) if you would like more info.
Step Four: Finalize the purchase and send it off.
Step Five: Wash Rinse and Repeat.
Here is why this works so amazingly well.
First of all, you are sending a gift. A gatekeeper will not open their employer’s gifts but deliver them.
Secondly, reciprocity. If you have not yet read influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini, I recommend you do so. In that book, he speaks about how powerful reciprocity is. Powerful enough to get your prospect to watch your video.
Thirdly, authority. By sending your/a book and shooting a video specific for them, you are positioning yourself as an authority and not some pesky salesman.
My question now is will you do this? Most people will not. They are too cheap to move away from mediocrity. It is my hope that this is not you.