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What makes our marketing system different and unique is that we first get fully focused on who is your ideal client for your product and service, then we craft the message that will best resonate with them, before identifying the media in which to place the message in order to reach them.

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The Eight Steps Of A Customer Journey

Like a successful relationship with a spouse, a successful relationship with your clients all goes through the exact same process that we refer to as a Customer Value Journey or CVJ. It is a proven concept that guides your customer through a logical sequence of steps from being complete strangers to rabid fans promoting you.


You have three challenges with Awareness Marketing Campaigns. Your ideal customer may not know you exist, They may not know that they have a problem. They may not know that you can solve that problem for them. Awareness campaigns typically fall under branding campaigns and traffic campaigns to your website or business.


This is your initial conversation with your clients.It is where you start creating trust by building rapport. This is where you want to make a great first impresion.  From the scripts, your staff uses when someone visits or calls your business to the content on your website and social media properties.  Engagement often falls under content marketing.


Sooner or later you will ask your prospect for their number or their email address, or maybe their mailing address. It can be done verbally or on a webform on your website. You will have earned the right to ask for this information once you have delivered enough value upfront or are about to make the initial sale. This step builds your customer list


The conversion step is the initial transaction between you and your new customer. It could be an investment of time (they come in for an intial meeting, or consultation) or they make a small purchase. By taking them through this step you have changed the relationship from prospect to client. Treat them well now so they never leave.


The excite stage is by far my favorite. The customer has just made a purchase, they are excited, bragging about it even. Now is the very best time to capitalize on the newfound infatuation with your company. Follow up with them, help them get the best use of your product or service. Now is the very best time to encourage them to buy more


Your client has just purchase your initial offer, you solved their problem, they are excited an can often be in a buying frenzy at this time. Now it is time to ascend them from customer to client through upsells, cross-sells, bumps and slack adjusters to increase their customer value.  This is also the stage where you bring them back to buy more and keep yourself top of mind.


When you receive testimonials and reviews from a client you have done your job and met expectations. They had a good to great experience and will not mind telling the world about it. This is the social proof that many of your new clients at the earleir stages of this process will need to help elevate their trust with you and your company. This stage focuses on your reputation


Once you have moved your clients to this stage of their journey, you have exceeded their expectations to the point where they will put their reputation on the line and actively promote you to their inner circle. Now you have reached the point where you get to start this entire process all over again with someone new.

First Identify The Who, Then The what

Most people get marketing all wrong. They start out with a product or service and then try to figure out the market for that product or service. It reminds me of a riddle one of my marketing coaches asked a long time ago. If you were to open a hamburger stand, what is the one big advantage that you would want? The correct answer is a starving crowd, without which all things are moot.

That is why it is so important to first determine who your market is, specifically. What are their needs, their wants, their fears, their values, their problems, and what is keeping them awake at 3 AM?

Once you have determined the who, then what product do you have that best suits them. What product can you develop that best suits their needs and solves their problems. What solution can you bring.

Mapping Your Customer Journey

Once you know who your customer is and what product or service of yours solves their problems, the next step is to map out their entire sales from awareness to becoming active promoters of your business.

The purpose for this is simple. Once you know who your ideal customer is, and what product or service solves their problem, you can now craft a message that resonates with them. Then you can determine te best vehicle to deliver that message to your client.

By mapping out the customer journey, you will have already determined how you are going to attract prospects or leads into your business. How you will engage with them to build trust so that they will either give you their contact information for more details about your offer. The steps you will take to not only get their initial purchase but to keep them coming back over and over and telling the world about you. By mapping out this process, ou can put a marketing budget together, determine which campaigns you are going to run and where ad when they will run, and most importantly the message  you will be delivering.

Putting The Pieces Of The Marketing Puzzle Together

Once your plan is in place, we can help you implement it. Titan Marketing Solutions is a full-stack marketing agency that can build you a website, drive traffic to that website, enhance your reputation and make you a star with video marketing and so much more. Get started or book a discovery meeting to learn more about how we can make your business move faster

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Marketing Is All About The Relationship


All marketing regardless of whether you sell your product or service to consumers or to another business is all about relationships. Regardless of the product or service, you provide you are in the H to H or human to human sales, and not B to C or B to B.

Our system revolves around this idea that all transactions are relationship-based. All clients go through the same pathway shared above. It is based on the science of human nature and normal human relationships first documented by Desmond Morris, in his book, “Intimate Behaviour”. In this book, he talks about how two people go from complete strangers to a lifetime pair-bonded couple creating a family.

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