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We are selective as to who we work with 

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Are We A Good Fit For One ANother?

Before we go into who our ideal client is, let’s start with who is not someone who is a good fit. If you fall into any of these categories, chances are we would not be a good fit.

  1. If you are a startup, you need marketing, but the reality is, you cannot really afford our services. However, we do have some Do It Yourself (DIY) plans you can implement to get you started.
  2. Life Coaches, Carpet Cleaners, Duct Cleaners, and indecisive people.
  3. Anyone who on a scale of 1-10 exceeds a level 3 on the assholiness scale. If you are a crook, jerk, bully, kick cats and dogs and brag about stealing candy from babies, we are not a good fit.
  4. Snowflakes and martyrs

You made it this far. Awesome. Below are three of my avatars that describe our ideal client.

Titan Marketing Customer Avatars

Now the avatars you see below is a compilation of several of our clients rolled into one avatar. AS you read the avatar if you feeling I am talking about you, then I invite you to take the next step and either get started or book a meeting.

Alan, Self Made Sole Proprietor

Key Things You Should Know About Alan.

  1. 35-55 year old male
  2. Happily married with at least one child.
  3. Bootstrapped his business.
  4. Low tolerance for BS
  5. High sensitivity for sniffing out said BS.
  6. Know he needs to embrace digital marketing but does not have the expertise or the time to learn how to do it.
  7. Decisive.
  8. Been researching digital marketing and how to implement it, but has not yet figured out how to put it all together.
  9. Frustrated by tech
  10. Stays awake late at night worrying about being left behind by his competitors.
  11. Has been taken advantage of before.
  12. Alan is often left handed.

Kathy The Single Mom

Key Things You Should Know About Kathy.

  1. 30-45 year old woman
  2. Single mom
  3. University educated
  4. Teenage children
  5. Active user of social media.
  6. Very meticulous and thorough.
  7. Has attempted to build a site with Wix.
  8. Members of several Facebook groups.
  9. Feels overwhelmed by the data overload. Needs someone to disseminate all the info.
  10. Has a business coach to help her grow to the next level.
  11. Has a high level of confidence
  12. She has very high standards that many see as being intimidating.

Putting The Pieces Of The Marketing Puzzle Together

Once your plan is in place, we can help you implement it. Titan Marketing Solutions is a full-stack marketing agency that can build you a website, drive traffic to that website, enhance your reputation and make you a star with video marketing and so much more. Get started or book a discovery meeting to learn more about how we can make your business move faster

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